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Natural Sisyphus Honey

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Natural Sisyphus Honey – Badatz Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak
Product of Israel

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Natural Sisyphus Blossom (Middle Eastern Acacia) Honey
Product of Israel
By: Kibbutz Ein Harod
100% Pure Honey Product from the Holy Land. The Sisyphus flowers are one of the finest sources of sweet nectar collected by the honeybees. Sisyphus trees grow mainly in the desert, namely – in the Negev region and the Jordan Valley. The sisyphus tree is featured prominently in the Holy Scriptures. For example, sisyphus branches were used for building the Holy Ark of the Tabernacle at the Temple in Jerusalem.

According to commentary, the wreath of thorns placed on the head of Jesus before the crucifixion, was made from sisyphus branches.

Weight: 9 oz (250 gr)

Kosher certification: Kosher Parve, Badatz Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak
The crystallization, or solidification of honey is a natural process that has no effect whatsoever on its taste or stability. The time required for the process to be completed differs from one type of honey to another, but all honey types crystallize at low temperatures, just like water turns into ice. And, just like melting ice, it is a very simple matter to reverse crystallized honey back into liquid form. All you have to do is warm the crystallized honey briefly, using one of the recommended methods outlined below.
DO NOT warm honey to more than 160oF (71oC) for more than five (5) minutes!
Honey Warming Methods
Method A: In a Saucepan
i. Fill a saucepan with hot water.
ii. Place the honey jar in the saucepan.
iii. Wait 3 minutes and enjoy your honey.Method B: In the Microwave Oven
i. Unscrew and remove the lid of the honey jar.
ii. Place the open jar on a saucer and put in a microwave oven. Cycle the microwave oven on maximum heat for up to 3 minutes.
iii. Repeat the process, using shorter cycles as required, until the honey has returned to its normal liquid state.

Do not overheat the jar, as the glass may break!

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