Har Bracha Halva Curly

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Har Bracha Halva Curly

Your New Middle Eastern Dessert Obsession, It's like cotton candy, but so much better. Curly- Shredded Halva, made from Famous Har Bracha Tahini. This melt in your mouth delight is simply irresistible. So how do you use halvah fluff? (Aside from eating it straight from the tub.): It's Perfect with Ice Cream! Use as a topping as is or Swirl the shredded strands into your ice cream base before freezing for a sesame ripple effect or bundle it on top of an ice cream sundae or milkshake. Add a drizzle of Silan (Date Syrup) and a sprinkle of chopped pistachios for the ultimate indulgence. Bake with it. Substitute it for marshmallows in ‘smores. When recipes call for crumbled halva, substitute the shredded variety. It’s much easier to work with, and less of a mess., how about twisting it into babkas?! You can use it for visual effect, as you would cotton candy, like wrapped around a layer cake.

  • Melt in your mouth treat
  • Made from top quality Har Bracha Tahini 100% Sesame Tahini
  • Great as a topping
  • Kosher, Gluten Free
  • 250gr 8.8oz

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