Basic Tahina

There’s nothing like tahina! The healthiest, tastiest, most uniquely Israeli treat that always hits the spot! For any meal, in any mood, with any company, at any hour of the day.


1 cup of raw Gamal Tahina
2/3 cup of water (as cold as possible)
Juice of 2 or more lemons (according to taste)
4 crushed garlic cloves
Salt, white pepper.


Mix the water, lemon juice, and garlic together in a bowl. Slowly add the tahina while mixing, and then add salt and white pepper to taste.


1. For thicker tahina, use half a cup of water only.
2. Add an additional 1/3 cup for more diluted tahina (for sauces).
3. The tahina will thicken slightly after some time in the fridge.
4. The best results come from mixing the tahina by hand, but it can also be prepared using a food processor.
5. Serve in a dish with olive oil and pine nuts, or topped with roasted sesame seeds.